Planning a large outreach event can be overwhelming!

This session highlights 10 steps for planning a large event from start to finish, and how to effectively involve members of the congregation to make it happen.

These steps can be used for smaller events too! Whether you are starting a new event or executing an annual event, this session will highlight ways to streamline the process. This session also includes ways to keep in touch with guests who experience your church for the first time at an outreach event.

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10 Steps to Planning a Large Event

1. Establish a goal/mission for the event.

2. Set a budget and timeline for planning.

3. Organize a committee.

4. Identify established groups who can help.

5. Recruit volunteers.

6. Get the word out!

7. Create the capture plan for the event.

8. Communicate with staff, volunteers and vendors.

9. Execute the plan!

10. Debrief the event.


Sample capture card

(stay connected with your guests!)

Lead Capture Card front.jpg


"People will do anything for a t-shirt!"

- Find business sponsors to pay $200 - $400 to buy logo space on the back of your shirt and give out shirts to all your volunteers! Keep logos within 12" wide and 14" long space on back of shirt to keep artwork looking good on shirts sizes small - 3Xlarge.